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All Natural At-home Care for Dry Eyes

The NuLids System, which was introduced to the eye care professional market in 2018, was developed in response to an unmet need to care for dry eyes at home, in a safe and clinically effective way, for the 40 million people who suffer in the United States.

Clinical trials have proven that NuLids provides relief for dry, red, itchy, swollen eyes by targeting the meibomian glands in the eyelids. It can be used as a stand-alone product, and positive user reactions have demonstrated that NuLids provides significant advantages over other existing therapies. Users have expressed delight in how much better their eyes feel, the ease of only having to use it for one minute per day, and the overall savings they have realized as a result of taking care of their dry eyes with this product.

Lash Extension Care

In addition, this device may be used by those who love to wear lash extensions. Extensions don’t stick to dirty lashes so cleaning lids and lashes with NuLids before your next appointment with the lash tech will allow lashes to stay on longer, while helping to prevent eye infections, permanent lash loss, and LASH MITES! If using between appointments to prevent dry eye and blepharitis, we recommend treating only the lower lash line.⁠

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